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Really innovative products that meet your needs
With our very wide and unique fin ranges: formula, slalom, freeride, freewave, wave and freestyle we are offering you really innovative products which match your needs.


At mb-fins our goal is to reach the best performance with the least effort. No matter if you are a professional windsurfer or a beginner, our development is focused on your needs.

Our fins are made to give the best performance but still remain controllable and very forgiving by deforming in a perfectly controlled way. Our fins will let you give your best during races or simply to concentrate on your waves and moves enjoying your ride.

Our fins will help you improve your riding skills by converting pressure and stress in acceleration so you do not have to suffer, wheter you are doing formula or freeride. When you ride, the fin has to work for you and not make you suffer chop or strain.


This is why we have developed innovative concepts in our lines, such as our HDT Concept that we invite you to discover.

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