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Products Streamlined Dyneema boom head

Dyneema boom head

  • Boom head SDM
    Boom head SDM
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  • Boom head RDM
    Boom head RDM
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On carbon booms on the market, the boom head is usually the weakest component of it, often made of poor quality plastic. What a pity because most of the stress and power from the sail go through the boom head, resulting in a big loss of efficiency.

The new Streamlined dyneema boom head is a joint developement of Mb-Fins and Streamlined. It is made of strong aluminum alloy, with unbeatable stiffness compared to other boom heads (NP, North, Maui Sails, etc.) and will improve a lot your carbon boom.

Fitting almost all the booms on the market, simply measure the diameter of the front tube to know which of the 3 available diameters you need, Ø35mm for Neilpryde, Ø37mm Streamlined GulfTech, Ø39mm Fiberspar HPL new.

Use it ideally on big carbon booms with our wide boom tail and you will discover a new rig! You will be really surprised!


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