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Formula fins

Our Formula fins range

  • FTF L
    FTF L
    Custom handmade fin for light wind
    CHF 699.00
  • FTF M
    FTF M
    Custom handmade fin for medium wind
    CHF 649.00
  • FTF S
    FTF S
    Custom handmade fin for high wind
    CHF 599.00


Formula windsurfing is a special discipline of windsurfing that requires more than riding skills. Formula windsurfing regatta is more like boat sailing or RS:X because you go high upwind and deep downwind to the marks. Formula boards are short and wide with big sail between 10 and 12sqm, and using long powerful 70cm fins. With such a strange shape they start planing fast but they have a big wetted surface which could limit their speed. The best technique to reduce that wetted surface is to make the board work on the fin, make it foil. This allows the best angles upwind and downwind. This is why the key point of a formula board is the fin and that is why the pros spend so much time in looking for good fins.

At mb-fins, we started to develop our formula fin range FTF (Fly The Fin) several years ago, using the best technologies and materials. To be always on top we design our fins using state of the art computer softwares CAD, CFD and FEM for any outline, profile and 3D file. Each fin is then produced in our swiss workshop following strict specifications of flex and twist that are checked during our quality control.

Our workshop being close to Neuchatel's lake we can test our new developments immediately. With our team we have developed new concepts putting the emphasis on high but easy performance, so everyone can get the best out of his rig. We have developed our concept HDT (High Deformation & Twist) in various degrees of stiffness. It works like on a racing sail, allowing our fins to flex and twist to depower if needed and keep control. Keep in mind that "power is nothing without control”. More than that, our fins have been developed with several parameters including rider's weight, sail, sea conditions and board. With our complete database we are sure to find what will suit you best.

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