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Products Streamlined Swiss distribution

Swiss distribution

Produits très haut de gamme de la marque légendaire Streamlined

At mb-fins we are proud to offer you the legendary brand Streamlined in exclusivity for Switzerland. They have invented the universal urethane tendon, strap-on boom head, C-shape booms and many more.

Their Redline extensions are very strong and durable, they resist the highest tension even at their highest length setting and we provide them with Marlow Formuline rope. With their ball bearings you can downhaul any sail by hand without stress!

Adaptable dyneema boom heads will improve your carbon boom stiffness a lot. With this modification, made really often on formula booms, your sail will fell as if it has a new lease of life.

We also propose you genuine Streamlined spare parts to maintain or repair your Streamlined products, even though they have proven a very long durability through years.

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