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Custom carbon sail battens


Your formula or slalom sail feels heavy to handle? This is mainly due to its weight. Battens in the sail represent a big part in sail weight but even more in sail inertia! For our team riders we have started to do custom carbon tube battens to save weight and inertia and they love it.

With our dedicated computer models we are now able to change your sail original glass fiber battens (98% of the sails on the market now) with lightweight and strong custom carbon tube battens.

Weight and inertia saving on the sail depends on how many battens you change. But for example for a Gaastra Vapor 8.2 we save 46% of the weight and 54% of the inertia on the batten kit. Your 8.2 sail will feel like a 6.5. And with carbon battens you do not only save weight but you get better response and higher performance! It is like changing your 30% carbon mast for a 100%! Changing your batten kit is a the best value to money to get ultimate sail performance.

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