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Wave fins

Our best fins for wavesurfing
  • Single
    CHF 149.00
  • Twinzer, set of 2
    Twinzer, set of 2
    CHF 199.00
  • Thuster set
    Thuster set
    CHF 239.00
  • Trailer set
    Trailer set
    CHF 249.00
  • Quad set
    Quad set
    CHF 269.00


Wave is where it all came from. Wave sailing gives you lots of adrenalin and amazing sensations that you still dream of at night. Recent years' development of boards tends to surf more in the pocket of the wave, bringing up to date past concepts like twinsers, thrusters and quads.

Our fins are designed using the latest CAD software and CNC shaped to ensure the quality of the foil and outline. We propose a very large choice of fins and you will find what you exactly need within our wave ranges Single, Twinzer, Thruster, Trailer and Quad. Each of our fin range has been tested around the world by professional PWA riders Karin Jaggi, Steffi Wahl, Dany Bruch, Patrik Diethelm and many other riders from all riding skills. That allow us to propose very fine tuned products.

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