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Nos utilisons pour nos pagaies les meilleures fibres de carbone.

When creating our paddles we first start from a CAD 3D model that we refine using our computer simulation softwares (CAD, FEA, CFD) before doing prototypes.

Our prototypes are then tested by a large testing panel of riders during long hours in any available conditions. Our shapes are therefor widely confirmed by a lot of feedbacks which let us improve our products continuously.

For our construction we use only the best carbon fibre. Thanks to our know-how in composite construction we can determine precisely the fiber lay-up to achieve desired strength and stiffness. We do not need to use low quality material to get more flex, just need the correct fibre lay-up. Do not be fooled by marketing, we give the best to our customer.

To determine the correct length of your paddle you can follow that:

  • Add 21cm to your height for allround paddling
  • Add 23cm to your height for racing or muscle building paddling
  • Add 19 cm to your height for surf or fitness cardio training paddling

Do not forget to adapt size and surface of your paddle to your preferences, needs and of course your physical capability.

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