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Angulo HMX booms



Josh angulo HMX booms combine highest quality materials, high stiffness, very low weight and innovative human engineering.

Made using 98% of high grade carbon prepreg in the USA, they present the best stiffness / weight ratio on the market. Beware of othersmisleading advertising on carbon content! At mb-fins you really get what you are paying for.

Forerunners in the field, the more ergonomic C-shape boom with small grip diameter and super durable boom grip.

Delivered with the unique strap-on boom head, whose stiffness is unbeatable by other system on the market

Test BOARDS UK: "With that boom the sail feels as if it has a new lease of life (…) it is the sports car of booms”

Available with SDM or RDM boom head to be chosen, when ordering.

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