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Products Streamlined Red-Line extensions

Red-Line extensions



  • MBFSTR 26
    Redline extension SDM US base
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    CHF 149.00
  • MBFSTR 27
    Redline extension RDM euro-pin
    Quantity available : 0
    CHF 149.00
  • MBFSTR 29
    Redline extension SDM euro-pin
    Quantity available : 0
    CHF 159.00

Streamlined's Red-Line extension have proven their amazing durability throughout the years. They resist the massive tension applied on race sails even at their longest setting, so strong that they come with a 5 years warranty

Red-Line extensions have been reviewed and come with the new "Power-Quick6” a super powerful 6:1 downhaul cleat with large diameter pulleys made of strong self-lubricated POM. These pulleys are perpendicular for power, easy rigging and no crossed line. 

More than that we offer these extensions including the best rope available,

Marlow Formuline!


At mb-fins you get best value for money products. Finally downhaul your sail by hand without stress and without hurting your back!

Euro-pin versions come with a security plastic catch.

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