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Technics Fins HDT Concept

HDT Concept


Historically the first products developed were different formula and slalom fins. Specially for formula windsurfing we observed carefully what professional windsurfers on the tour were doing to be so much faster than us. It was then easy to analyze the best way to drive these formula boards to their limit. The best technique is to reduce the wetted surface of the board by putting it on one edge and make it foil on the fin, like in the picture below.

At mb-fins everyone tried to reproduce that technique on their own boards but it was hard to keep that subtle equilibrium when flying. We tried many of the fins on the market but we were not really happy with them as they were performing but not forgiving at all. Even our best team riders and testers were having difficulties in foiling their board for a long time and taking real advantage of this technique. And remember that "preformance is nothing without control".

That is why we decided to produce our own fins with our philosophy to propose high but easy performance fins; you do not have to train for months to get the most out of them.

For our development we have the opportunity to collaborate with highly skilled specialists. For our formula fins we took advice from Mr. Hughes de Turkheim, famous shaper from Tiga and now working on foiling speed boats projects. We have then made a lot of computer analysis (FEM, CFD, FSI), many mechanical testing in flexion, torsion, fatigue and most important we have made a lot of hours of testing on the water with the widest sailors panel possible.




Thanks to all these hours of development we can now offer you our innovative concept «High Deformation & Twist» or «HDT». That concept is easy to understand but hard to manufacture. In two words the idea is to have the fin lift your board and make it foil but then the fin has to regulate that precise position by itself and your input, even with all the other changing parameters (wind, chop, riders position, etc.).

So the fin has to be very reactive, forgiving and needs to evolve in its structure. With our unique manufacturing process we are able to produce that kind of evolving fins. Flex and twist adapted to each other give the fin that work for you and that you manage with your back foot pressure like on a gas pedal to make it foil.

With our «Fly the Fin» or «FTF» range we offer you a high performance fin which can be used by everyone, from beginner to professional and let you improve your riding skills. These fins have already won many events and national titles, give them a try!


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