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Kovalski Straps

Comfy, durable, widely copied but still leadind and extremely lightweight


To propose you more innovative products of quality, Mb-Fins collaborates with Mr Kovaslki to offer you his very unique footstraps.

These straps are made in Switzerland from a very special dual-density polymer compound. Thanks to that special material, these straps are very comfortable, strong, extremely lightweight and do not absorb any water! With a total weight of 65g only, the weight advantage compared to a 4 neoprene straps set can be as much as 700g, with the same comfort. Not slippery as the neoprene straps you will gain a lot more hold on your board.

Why would you spoil your board lightweight construction with extra weight? The pros already have adopted these straps since a few years.

Available in many different colors and in narrow version used for example as a formula chicken strap.

The asymmetrical platelet is light, strong and allows a perfect adjustment to your foot width by simply turning it 180°.

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