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After billions of years of evolution, animals have evolved and developed techniques to move in their environment by the most fluent and efficient way just to survive. By observing that, we have analyzed these techniques and modified them for our application.

We have not been alone in following this route; we have seen over the past few years a huge improvement in sail design with modern sails which are more efficient than ever. Like on a bird’s wing, modern sail use bottom of it maintaining shape and power (illustrated in violet here under) and a loose leech which regulates winds pressure (illustrated in pink). This has brought better and more user-friendly performance which are keywords in our developments.

The fin is a key component of your rig and is very often ignored because you do not see it work. Have you ever asked yourself why you can tune your sail depending on the wind but you do not tune your fin depending on sea condition? Nowadays you only match fin size to sail size and that is it.

Working on that we have developed a new concept bringing real innovation to the rider. Composite material and also G10 are strong and stiff materials. Previous concept can only be applied with these materials on bigger fins. Formula fins are for example soft like a killer whale's fin. Now take smaller fins on the market (<28cm) made of G10; that material is so stiff that fin designers do a compromise, reducing the thickness but loosing profile and power to get more flex. The concept of power base and regulating leech cannot be used with such material. With G10 material, small fin need to have their own specific profile and outline (this is what we do with G10), you just cannot copy animal shapes that are perfect but using completely different materials (flesh, bones, feather, etc.).

This is why we have started to look for an appropriate material for our needs. We have the opportunity to work with DuPont® de Nemours, worldwide leader in polymer science, which is the ideal partner for our development. Polymer science is where most innovation has been made in industry these last years.

Out of the partnership, we have developed our unique «Dual Flex concept» which allows each rider to tune his fin depending on sea conditions only, with a pair of same fins coming in two different stiffnesses (k1, k2). The two fins complement each other to give you the widest range of use. Prefer the white softer fin (k1) for rough conditions, strong chop and waves as it will give you comfort and you will forget it when surfing. Prefer the black stiffer fin (k2) for flatwater, small chop or freestyle as it will give you more power and pop. First fin ever using our exclusive concept is our Dolphins!

For the same range of use, a pair of our Dolphins will easily replace 3 or 4 fins from other brands.



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